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New Video: Hezekiah – Hologram Dreams

Hezekiah hologram Dreams pic 3

The homie Hezekiah is a multi-talented, genre-spanning artist that can do pretty much anything well that he puts his mind to. But for me, when Hez is in straight Hip Hop mode, he’s at his best. He has a new Hip Hop album coming soon and this little jewel is from it. The track called “Hologram Dreams” features Range Da Messenga and has a great balance of straight up knocking drums with a soulful smoothness that Hezekiah has become known for. Peep the video below and let me know what you think.

With the upcoming release of Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves, Producer/Emcee Hezekiah releases the visual for his single “Hologram Dreams”. Featuring vocalist Range Da Messenga, Hezekiah presents a tale of all too common pitfalls and redemption. Directed by Hezekiah and King Red Rose, the black and white video creates  an idea of what its like to struggle against the odds just to embrace what’s truly important in our finite existences.

~E Major

New Music: Logic Marselis – Cheesesteak Eggrolls

When Fredericksburg Virginia producer Logic Marselis isn’t doing work with emcee UllNevaNo, he’s constantly knocking out instrumental albums his discography says a lot. Logic drops tapes at random without telling anybody cause he’s all about creating dope music for the masses, and being that madlib is one of his biggest influences his work ethic and focus is uncomparable when releasing music. Logic has released a instrumental project entitled “Cheesesteak Eggrolls” a very popular carry out item in Baltimore md, the inspiration behind it was from him visiting baltimore on countless occasions, he’s fascinated with how raw and authentic the city is not to mention his favorite show is the “wire.” Instrumentals on the tape that stands out like the bass line driven sampled “north ave” takes listeners on a ride on one of the most famous streets in Baltimore if your a resident of the city you have to be familiar with “north ave,” Logic also takes you in for some cheesesteak egg rolls on the hard drum “Jerry’s” which sounds like the equivalent of a 70s game show intro, that’s where the inspiration of this beat tape came about, just from eating at Jerry’s. On “E cold spring lane” Logic asks Ullnevano for some assistance which is the only track with vocals on the whole project, Neva takes you on a trip and very descriptive story on what goes down in a sneaker lineup, when trying to purchase the latest pair of Jordan’s, starting out lines like “hopped out the taxi/wearing taxi’s/…. Each track title is a reference to the culture of Baltimore, so when you listen to it think of it as ode or paying homage to the city of a Baltimore from Logics eyes. You can purchase and stream the album here… more work will be dropping from the magnetikmoments brand in the next months to come…

New Video: Rome Cee – The M.E.D.S.

New visuals from Rome Cee mixing up some nice shots of the emcee rhyming in his home town of Baltimore, with some archival footage. Here’s the official words sent over with the video:

The M.E.D.S., a collage of visual art is set around the inner workings of Baltimore and the industries of sports, film and entertainment. Shot by Kirby Griffin for 4th Eye Diaries, the piece explores the “behind-the-scenes” of Baltimore City and is set to the musical backdrop of the M.E.D.S., one the latter songs on the Full Length LP, EarthSide released in February 2014.

Peep the video and leave comments below.


~E Major

New UllNevaNo

The brother UllNevaNo is a force of nature. I don’t know anyone that turns out more music and content as he does. He’s back with not only a new track called “MGNTKFYING GLASS PERSPECTIVE” from his upcoming collab with producer illien, but also a video for “Donna Deri,” a track from last year’s “The Protocol.” Both of these are heavy on the soul tip, but while “…PERSPECTIVE” finds UllNevNo talkin’ his shit, “Donna Deri” is a love story set to the same sample as Kendrick used for “Sing About Me.” Peep them both below and leave a comment.

New Music: Rome Cee – EarthSide


A new album just dropped from the homie Rome Cee. He keeps killing and it doesn’t look like he’s going to let up. There’s a lot of Internet rappers out there, but although Rome utilizes the ‘net to his advantage, he’s not one of them. His story takes place in the real world of West Baltimore, complete with all the trappings that one can expect from urban USA, and he details it with expertise throughout EarthSide. Check it out and let me know what you think.