Bond St. District – “Everybody’s So Sleepy”


Bond St. District is rapper DDm and producer Paul Huston. They came together on this EP and it’s really a dope pairing. I’ve known DDm for years and he seems as hungry as ever on this album. Off top the first track “Hello Jesus” caught me and had my head nodding, then they follow it up with “Mayweather” which has DDm doing a rapping/shouting thing that reminds me of when James Brown would talk to his band. The energy on “Mayweather” is on 1,000 and it makes you wanna knock somebody out!

The 5 song EP weaves in between boom bappy, but not tired sounding joints and uptempo head beaters and DDm brings his unique perspective to each track along with his wordplay (“My pants hang but I never got a SAG award”), style and very Baltimore outlook. Out of a lot B’more stuff I’ve heard recently, this one really stands out.

Check it out and see what you think.



~E Major


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