A Little Update

I’ve really been slacking on posting to the blog and I apologize. I have new music recorded and this is actually the first year since 2008 that I haven’t released an album or a mixtape, but I’ve been working overtime on getting my first short film made. If you haven’t been keeping track, it’s called Hit the Hitman. The above video is from a couple of weeks ago, right after we made out Kickstarter goal.

Making a movie, even a short film is really fucking involved. You have to plan and pick out everything, from the dishes to the music and everything in between. It is possible to just show up someplace and start shooting, but the type of film I want to make which involves creating a world unto itself, means that I have to look at and make a call on the smallest thing, like should we get a costume hemmed or what kind of lighting should we have for the scene. It’s kind of crazy but I’ve actually really been enjoying it.

As far as preproduction, my favorite part was doing the story boards. I literally drew every shot as if I was making a comic book or something, but just not as detailed because it’s just not necessary. But the thing that surprised me is how much I like working with actors. Coming up with how and why a character speaks or reacts to something is a really collaborative process and I compare it to when I’ve had musicians or singers come in to work on one of my songs. You have an idea of how something should be and then someone can come in and give you a different look at it that can totally elevate the whole project. It’s one of the coolest things that can happen creatively, IMO.

Anyway, I hope to step up my postings in the coming weeks. I’m trying to better manage my time so I can do all of the things that  I love, one of which is listening to, making and sharing new music through this website.

Hope to hear from everyone in the comments as things progress and I hope that you’re excited to see our movie. If you’d like to get on the film’s Facebook page go here.

Thanks and PEACE!

~E Major


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