New Video: Hezekiah – Hologram Dreams

Hezekiah hologram Dreams pic 3

The homie Hezekiah is a multi-talented, genre-spanning artist that can do pretty much anything well that he puts his mind to. But for me, when Hez is in straight Hip Hop mode, he’s at his best. He has a new Hip Hop album coming soon and this little jewel is from it. The track called “Hologram Dreams” features Range Da Messenga and has a great balance of straight up knocking drums with a soulful smoothness that Hezekiah has become known for. Peep the video below and let me know what you think.

With the upcoming release of Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves, Producer/Emcee Hezekiah releases the visual for his single “Hologram Dreams”. Featuring vocalist Range Da Messenga, Hezekiah presents a tale of all too common pitfalls and redemption. Directed by Hezekiah and King Red Rose, the black and white video creates  an idea of what its like to struggle against the odds just to embrace what’s truly important in our finite existences.

~E Major


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