New Music from E Major – “Top Ten”

Having “E Major is… Better Than Yours” named as one of the Top Ten albums in Baltimore by the City Paper was a huge honor but it got me thinking about what it means to me personally, to be recognized in such a way. It was crazy because the same day I read that the album was in the list I watched a video of Charlie Kaufman talking about his writing for films. He talked about themes that kind of dominate his work and one of them is this idea of being accepted and being liked. It made me really look at how rappers (myself included) love to act like we don’t care what anyone says, but we, probably more than any other kind of artist, want some kind of acceptance from our peers, critics and fans.

All that kind of came together when I was in the car and my iPod shuffled to the Flaming Lips song, Sagittarius Silver Announcement. The track just has so much emotion and builds in such an interesting way that I wanted to rhyme to it. So I went home and put this track together. It’s called Top Ten and basically it’s just me musing on what all this stuff means to me. I hope you’re feeling it.

In about a week me and Jerome Baker III of Better Than Yours are planning on re-releasing “E Major is… Better Than Yours” and this track will be on there along with another bonus song. So make sure to check and keep an eye on your inbox.


~E Major


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