J Laine’s GIANT Out NOW!

Last week J Laine’s GIANT dropped and gave the world a look at a collection of DMV talent, myself included. I’m really proud to be included on this album that also features Kev Brown, LMNO, Oddisee, J Sands and so many more of the areas gifted artists.

Peep out what the Washington City Paper said about it (aw shucks they mentioned me) and go pick that up on CDBaby!


1. fortheradio (IllStreetGrooves)

2. Hero feat Alison Carney

3. kragenoff feat Kev Brown and Kenn Starr

4. setitoff feat Ardamus

5. gimmieSomethin’ feat Heron Gibran and Oddisee

6. snickersSatisfies feat Raw Poetic

7. turninItout feat Kaimbr

8. notforradio feat Awthentik

9. ullnevaknow feat XO

10. toys4tots feat freQ.Bends

11. DaGreens feat Heron Gibran and Duff

12. soItgoes feat Danielle Wertz

13. connected feat E Major and DJ Cuzzin B

14. Faithful feat Matty B

15. takethatyouRAT!

16. fiveTOgetLIVE feat J Sands and Raw Poetic

17. parentalAdvisory feat LMNO


~E Major


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