“One Last Run” Kickstarter

Artwork by Hilton Carter for his upcoming film, One Last Run

The above image is for an upcoming short film called One Last Run which will commence shooting in November.  It’s being directed by my good friend Hilton Carter who you’ve most likely read about here a number of times.  the film started as a story that was told to me by a friend of a friend and I thought it just HAD to be at least a short film.  I told it to Hilton who at the time was focused on a more dark aesthetic (see Moth).  Being that I’m kind of stubborn I did a draft of the script and gave it to Hilton.  After spending some time with it, he came around to wanting to make it happen.  He’s since added to what I’ve written and each subsequent draft that he’s done has really upped the ante as far as drama and depth.  To say I’m really excited to see this thing come to fruition is an understatement.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.  As Hilton has researched locations and worked on making OLR come to life, he’s realized that a little bit of scratch could only help to up the production value of what could be a really awesome project.  So he’s started a Kickstarter account and is raising money from friends, family and fans.  Please check out the account and watch the video and even if you can’t afford to put some cash forward for it, please share it with someone that might.

Thanks for all of your support!

~E Major


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