Kil – “Through the Wire” Instrumental Album

Die hard Baltimore Hip Hop heads know the name Kil.  He was a host on Morgan State’s long running Hip Hop show, Strictly Hip Hop while he was attending Morgan in the late 90’s.  Now before you jump on this saying that everyone and their mother from Baltimore has exploited The Wire to the point of cliché, I think you should listen to this first.  This is an instrumental, concept album laced with clips from the show as well as samples from street Hip Hop artists that are thoughtfully placed throughout to relate the instrumental it’s on.  This doesn’t feel like every other Wire rip off out there.  It’s a collection of beats that has a classic vibe to it but doesn’t sound dated.

Here’s what Kil has to say about it:

“Through the Wire is an instrumental album I’ve been working on for a minute unofficially and finally decided to finish it up and put it out. It’s the perfect marriage between two of my loves, making beats and the HBO television series The Wire. I’ve been addicted to the Wire since it first dropped in 2002 and have been using samples from the show to match the mood of my beats since day one. Over the years I’ve made a rack of beats like this, and decided to put this project together for all the Wire heads out there. If you mess with the Wire and dope beats, this album is right up your alley.

Also I include 6 tracks from 6 mc’s I’m producing for right now at the end to help promote them all because they all have projects coming out this year.”

Peep it out here and let us know what you think.

~E Major


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