New Music: UllNevaNo – “Horror Flick”

UllNevaNo does NOT stop!  My dude is on a mission.  Here’s a track called “Horror Flick” from his upcoming The Color Brown pt 2.  Below is what he had to say about it.

“Fans, and new cats that are just hearing about my music i really appreciate the support from you all, and i was sort of in between a rock and a hard place with choosing the next project for the color series, but since ive been receiving a great and huge response off the first “Color Brown” project over Kev Brown beats, i decided to do a part 2 over Apollo Brown beats, and his music is very inspiring as well as far as the way he chops samples, and soulfullness, so big shouts out to Mello Music Group for giving me there blessing into pursuing this project and hopefully ya’ll enjoy whats yet to come for 2011 thank you all….
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