New Mix: DJ Red Rocks – Should’ve Stayed Home

Got a new mix for you.  This time coming from DJ Red Rocks of The Mixbullies.  They have been a big part of the Always Dope parties that we’ve been putting down with Pedx Baltimore recently.  This mix is pretty dope cause it goes from some under ground Hip Hop shit, to some noisy house music, to some pop stuff to Baltimore Club and ends with some smoothed out Snoop Dogg.  And it actually doesn’t feel all over the place so kudos to Red Rocks for that!

CLICK HERE to download and let us know what you think in the comments.

~E Major



  1. E Major,
    Thanks so much for the love and support. Honest, had no idea you would post this on here, so it is an honor and thanks again. COLOR BROWN II COMING SOON!!!

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