New Look – Same DOPE Flavor!

I’m sure you noticed things look a little different around here.  Well, don’t worry cause ain’t a damn thing changed.  Every now and again I’ve done updates on the site that have been (for the most part) strictly cosmetic.  This current design isn’t super revolutionary but we wanted to have a site that lets our visitors know what we do as a label.  We love posting our friends music, videos, et al, but we ARE a label and therefore we have releases of our own, merchandise, events and all kinds of other cool things to share.

That said, we have our releases and merchandise just a click away in the sidebar to the right.  So feel free to check out the newness and even some of our old releases that you might have missed.  And be on the look out for more from us soon.  We have some T shirts coming, some events we’re planning and of course there’s our collab with Better Than Yours to release my next mixtape.  So keep coming back and keep sharing that Under Sound goodness.

Peace and thanks for your support!

~E Major


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