E Major in The City Paper

Screenshot from The City Paper’s Site

It feels great to get continued support from our local media outlets.  City Paper has had our backs for a while now and I really appreciate that.  This week they put “For The Win” in their Know Your Product section of the paper.  To check it out online follow THIS link.  I’m also pasting the blurb below.

E Major “For the Win” The lead cut off E Major’s new mixtape E Major Is . . . Better Than Yours and the Under Sound crew is going super-weird. Woozy production seems to be popping up more and more, what with the whole DJ Screw rediscovery of late, and here it is at its wooziest. No idea the source of the backing track on “For the Win” but it’s fully on another planet, sludgy and jumpy at the same time, a molasses cascade of a vocal hook. The rhymes are, as expected, really sharp but don’t get too far away from run-of-the-mill rap boast, though this is nice: “I’ve been in your girl’s mouth like a menthol.”’


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