Video: Sole Vibe – “Self Centered”/”Ring To It”

I’m just posting away over here.  I’m trying to get caught up on some blogging.  I have been REALLY busy lately.  But no fear, as you can see, we’re back in full effect.

So anyway, the Sole Vibe guys sent over this double video for “Self Centered” and Mario Dones’ “Ring To It.”  I love how Sole Vibe puts and emphasis on quality with everything they do.  That’s how I approach things that we do with Under Sound so I can definitely respect it.  This video is no different.  My only qualm with it, is I think they should have better delineated between the two parts of the video.  “Self Centered” is a very different song from “Ring To It” and I’d have liked to see more contrast in the visuals to match the contrast in sounds.  That doesn’t change however that the video is artfully done and has some nice shots and camera movement.  I like what they’re doing over and there.  What do you think?

~E Major


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