Los Angeles Trip

Photo by Mike Nova.

You might have noticed a little over a week ago that there was a lull in posting and then saw a random post about me being in LA.  I was out there for both personal relaxation and to take care of a little business.  The above picture is from a show I had in downtown LA.  It was kinda hastily booked but I appreciate my homie out there lining it up for me.  Since it was kinda last minute I didn’t have a lot of time to promote for it and I don’t think there was much promotion on the promoters end. (surprise, surprise)  So the turn out was pretty thin but that’s what happens when you play an out of town gig with no notable headliner as an up and comer. I am hoping however that the folks that did attend appreciated the show and maybe are even coming and visiting the site.

Also, while I was there by good friend Marc Werschkul of Guac and Gravy ran around LA with me shooting a video.  I’m kind of making it a goal that when I go somewhere interesting I want to shoot something.  This video is gonna be for the song “Feature Presentation” off of The Major Major Mixtape.  The footage looks great so I’m sure Marc will do something cool with it in the edit.

Anyway, more things to come.  Got some shows coming up in October and of course we’ll be posting great stuff right here so make sure you check back.


~E Major


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