Axiom FREE Download “It’s A Mixtape”

So I’ve never posted music by my dude Black Root or his partner in rhyme Wordslave, together known as Axiom, before but they’ve been grinding in the Baltimore Hip Hop scene for some time.  These aren’t your everyday rap artists man.  Root has a degree in theater and performing arts and Wordslave has his degree in music performance.  Not only that but these dudes have been given the nod for some local awards including being the People’s Poetry Award 2007 Nominee, Baltimore Crown Awards 2008 Nominee and Baltimore Crown Awards 2009 Nominee.

They’re out with a new mixtape simply called It’s a Mixtape! which is a collection of 16 original tracks by the duo and produced by Street Radio. This mixtape has a lot of range with songs that touch on numerous subjects, some sangin’ songs and all that.  It’s definitely got a more notably underground sound and is really cohesive.  Check it out and let us know what YOU think.

Download Axiom’s It’s a Mixtape! on Bandcamp.

~E Major


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