Video: Jahpan – “Better Than Before”

This is a new joint from my homie Jahpan who, as you may know, is a Rhode Island representative operating out of sunny LA.  This piece was directed and edited by our other good friends, the Brother Guidera, Garrett who did the same duties on the “Paper Runnin'” video and Evan who is also part of FRESH KILL.

There’s so much about this video I like.  In particular, as a bit of a typophile, I love the text at the beginning and how it’s integrated into the shots that it’s overlaid on, with the smoke coming in front of the text and the text moving slightly with the camera movements.  I also really like the scenery change in the 3rd verse. The nondescript background with the bokeh lights is really cool and the colors are really nice.

From Jap’s An Album Called Life, available now.

I’m not a video critic though, so check it out and let me know what YOU think.

~E Major



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