Video: TRP feat. Bossman B4lt1m0re

We don’t usually post anything on the site unless the folks involved are directly involved with or work with Under Sound to some extent.  There are exceptions to that though and this is one of them.  This video got over 120,000 views so it’s crazy that I’m just now seeing it.  We got an email today though from the kid Money who raps first on this joint and he wanted to share it with us and I’m glad he did. This is some street music that I can get with.  Not surprisingly Bossman shines on this.  He really fits well on beats like this IMO.  And I really like this track.  Anyway, check it out and let me know if you’re feeling it and want to hear more.



  1. Yo this jam is hot! This is exactly what Bmore needs, some1 to rep the 4-1-0! Bossman been doin’ his thing for a minute but he can’t do it alone! TRP is doin’ there thing and I give them mad props. Make sure to check out Money’s mixtape too, Time is Money, cus that shit is killin it!

  2. trp is my shit..known all the boys for a while now. they sell out for every show..gotta come out and see a show to really experience the music.. gotta love itt <3

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