Under Sound Mentioned in City Paper’s Big Music Issue

This is a great story about the new business models being presented by upstart and boutique labels (like Under Sound Music for example). Here’s an excerpt that mentions us. Thanks to the City Paper for their continued support of our movement.

The converse to that, but still very much a boutique, might be the MC E Major’s recently launched Under Sound label (“Kinda Like Something Big,” Music, Feb. 3). It’s released music by other artists, sure, but Under Sound’s three partners also agree that it’s very much a label and brand revolving around E Major. And these days, it is entirely possible to have a label centered on one artist, particularly in something as personality driven as hip-hop.

Part of that is making it something more than a label, as Under Sound has done. The trio emphasizes that Under Sound is also a well-read music blog, a clothing store and, right now, an outlet for art prints. “We discovered early on that, nowadays, you’re not going to make money with a record label selling albums,” E Major (Ian Mattingly to the government) told this writer last winter.

“We definitely don’t want to get into anything where we’re in contract with artists or anything” he added. “We want to work with people we know or like. The way it works now is we’ve bartered for so much stuff, like, ‘Hey, give me a beat, I’ll rap on your song’ kind of thing. It works out really nicely that way.”

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