New Music: Hezekiah – “Fired Up” feat. Talib Kweli and Bahamadia

Friend of Under Sound and my sometimes collaborator (i.e. this and ummm… this) Hezekiah, is preparing to release his new album Conscious Porn on Soul Spazm.  As you can see from the above flyer, it’s got some amazing contributors including some bona fide heavy weights.  Two of those heavy weights are  another Philly based MC,  Bahamadia and the legendary Talib Kweli, who are featured on the aptly named “Fired Up.”  Simply put, this song goes HARD.

On Conscious Porn Hez is taking a decidedly more raw approach to his signature soulful sound.  One of the best things about Hezekiah as and artists is that he explores the contradictions that exist in so many of us and he continues that exploration with this album.

I’m listening to “Fired Up” as I type this and it’s hard not to stop typing because I feel compelled to listen.  The track has a sense of urgency to it and each MC, even Bahamadia who usually has a voice that blends with the track, commands your attention.  Hezekiah kicks it off with lines like “Got a line about rhymes and a line about crime, so which one do ya’ll want worse?” which illustrates how artists have so many sides to them but we’re not sure what our audience wants sometimes.

This might be the most I’ve written about a single on this site but that’s because this song really caught me from the first time I heard it.  And trust me the entire album is full of songs that are just as compelling.  So give a listen to “Fired Up” and let us know what YOU think.

~E Major


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