Mania Music Group – Welcome to the Audience

You know with the advent of Twitter everyone does Music Mondays but traditionally albums hit stores on Tuesdays.  I’ve noticed that some labels (including our own) like to keep to this if just for tradition.  Today Mania Music Group drops their FIRST official album.  I know it’s hard to believe since they’ve been grinding on the scene for some time.  BTW, if you read this blog and haven’t heard of Mania then you slept on the single I did with them some time back.  Get on that.

The fact is, Mania has been doing all the right things to get noticed in Baltimore; a market that is maybe one of the toughest to come up in as far as Hip Hop is concerned.  They’ve drafted a talented bunch of MC’s, dropped consistent music, and had talked about performances.  I can’t say that I’ve heard this whole album yet, but if the singles are any indication then this is a banger.  So if you’re looking to discover some new music that you’re sure to like, head over to iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp right now!


~E Major


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