E Major Interview on 88.9

A few months ago I got a call from a friend who said that one of my songs was on 88.9 FM’s infamous Test Bin during their Friday night Strictly Hip Hop show.  Given how tough the audience that listens to this show is, I was honestly surprised that I won.  The song was “Nuthin’ Nice’. After that I emailed the host Ahk some of my other songs.   I won the fans over with those two songs as well and as is the protocol of the Test Bin, I was invited up for an interview given that I had three wins under my belt.

So this past Friday I went up.  Ahk and the rest of the crew at Strictly Hip Hop were really gracious and I think the interview went really well.  Ahk had some good questions and even stumped me by asking what artists outside of Hip Hop that I’d like to work with.  Have a listen below.


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