New Music: SkyBlew – “Feels Good To Be Home”

North Carolina’s SkyBlew

Okay North Cackalack I see you!  SkyBlew sent me his mixtape Kinda Like a Mixtape… But Not Quite… and I’ve been giving it some burn.  I’m feeling the young man’s style and his approach.  I especially like this little jazzy number.  I’m not crazy about the way he say’s “Okay” like he’s trying to brand his own little slogan.  That shit is kind of an annoying part of current hip hop to me. Everyone has their little catch phrase and shit.  Eh.  Doesn’t detract from the song overall though.  The jazzy/soulful sample and the chopped up drums are just too smooth and SkyBlew’s honesty comes through loud and clear with his no nonsense lyrics .  And he delivers the lines in a semi laid back manor that really match the track.  I’m feeling it but why don’t you check it out and tell me what you think.

You can listen to the rest of the mixtape at Datt Piff.

~E Major



  1. I love hearing SkyBlew music and its bout time he start getting the recognition he deserves.muah!he soo cute too!btw the Okaaaaay thing,drives us crazy!I love it

  2. yoooo thats dope as hell.any new SkyBlew music is gonna be on my ipod,for sure!

  3. NC Stand up!SkyBlew representing like he supposed too.with nothing but that real hip hop.yall def need to post this whole mixtape or some more SkyBlew music

  4. Thisssss my firssssst time hearing SkyBlew
    I was impresssssed.
    very impressssed.
    looking forward to hearing more

  5. @Brit-ney That was just my take on the “Okay thing.” I’m sure people will like it and take it as part of his style. It’s just like Jeezy’s “YEEEEAAAAAH” or Wiz Khalifa’s “YEAH BITCH” to me though. But Sky has great potential as an artist for sure. I’ll check for more stuff that he sends.

  6. oh no i wasn’t getting offended on the okaaaay thing,I just felt it as a lil harsh towards him because he put soo much passion in his music and he doesn’t sound nothing like these mainstream guys so that sets him apart but its all fine,im glad you posting more music of him&this is a cool site so ima spread the word and looking forward to seeing more SkyBlew music on here 🙂

  7. SkyBlew has music thats different and new from what we usually hear on the radio. i love it. not to mention SkyBlew is the coolest guy you will ever meet!!! lovin this track boo!!! you know my sky is always blew!!!

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