New Music: matth – “Food”

This is my DUDE right here.  And I’m not just saying it cause he’s a cool ass guy, but he is also one of the dopest MC’s that you’ve yet to hear of.  Everything I’ve ever heard matth on he’s stolen the track and that includes songs we’ve done together.  I have him on a couple upcoming releases that I’m working on and I’d love for you to hear them but since I can’t do that just yet, I’m really happy he sent me this track to share with you.

On this matth is going over a Kev Brown track, though we’re not sure exactly which song this instrumental this is from.  Spitting over Kev Brown beats seems to be a trend right now. But seriously, Kev has to be one of the illest and most underrated.  Please take the time to listen and download this.  Matter of fact you can just download it right now without hearing it.  Trust me, it’s FIRE.  matth does his thing on this.  This will be on repeat.


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  1. I’m reading this on my blackberry but you better believe it will downloaded as soon as I can get to my laptop. Not just to listen to, but to actually spin it at clubs… Just ask Kev or Matth… They’ll confirm!!!

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