New Music: Mario Dones – “Ring To It”

I’m in rare form tonight folks.  I usually don’t post on the weekends at all but I was up working on music and checked the Under Sound email account and saw this jam.  I also don’t usually post anything on this blog from people I don’t personally know but, again I’m in rare form tonight.

I don’t know anything about this dude Mario Dones really. I read in the email that was sent to us that this song is going to be a the label, The Sole Vibe‘s digital release this summer called One To Grow On. I usually give a listen to things sent to us just to see what’s up and every now and then we get something that regardless of if I know them or not, I feel like I should post it.

This song is pretty hot.  Again, I don’t know much about this label or these dudes but I like this song.  The beat is pretty sick. I like shit that combines samples and synths and this track does that well.  It also has a really nice almost walking bassline.  It kind of has a Dr. Dre feel to it even though it has those aforementioned samples.

And I like what Mario Dones does on the track too.  His flow matches the beat really nicely and he has some lines like “’cause rappers know a dime a dozen ’til you know somebody” which tells me he’s studied the game a little bit and maybe even been burnt by it.

Check it out and if you’re feeling like sharing in the conversation, drop us a comment and let us know what you think.  And if you like it, check their site out at


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