Better Than Yours Photoshoot

Lady Glock getting the shot

Yesterday I got up with the homie Jerome Baker III in D.C. to do a photoshoot.  We’re finishing up a project that we’re putting out with his blog Better Than Yours which has been going strong for over 7 years now.  I don’t even think I was on the Internet like that 7 hyears ago let alone on the blog shit!  Anyway, definitely check out Lady Glock‘s site, she has some really nice work.  I particularly like her portraits, which is cool cause that’s basically what she did for the photos we took yesterday.

I guess I’m a little vein cause I really like photoshoots.  I’m not shy or anything but when there’s a photographer that you don’t know personally sometimes it takes some time to loosen up.  I was trying to have fun and not be so serious cause those that know me, know that I’m not that serious of a dude and I wanted that to come across in the shoot.  I was hoping that Jerome would get in some pics and by the end of it we got a few but he was more so just overseeing things.  After checking out Lady Glock’s work I’m really excited to see what she got from yesterday and using those images as part of the project.

I hope to have more info for you on the Better Than Yours project soon.  Keep checking back.


~E Major


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