True School CIAA Wrap Up

Front Row: L to R – E. Jones, DJ Face, Tyler Woods and Vince Clark
Back Row: L to R – 9th Wonder, Dj Cuzzin B, Jay Clipp and T. Reeves

This past weekend True School was set to take over the CIAA’s in Charlotte, NC.  If you are unfamiliar with the CIAA it is the largest HBCU Division II Basketball Tournament.  There are a billion parties and events that take place throughout the week and there was no shortage of True School activities.  The fun started as soon as we landed on Thursday afternoon.  After checking into the hotel we headed to a sneaker boutique called Velocity.  In attendance was artists from 9th Wonder’s IWW, (It’s a Wonderful World), Music Group and sub labels Jamla and The Academy including: Tyler Woods, Rapsody, Big Remo, Actual Proof and Thee Tom Hardy.  9th Wonder mixed several selections from each artist and let me tell you there was some absolute FIRE coming out of the speakers!  Later that night we headed to Kashmir to spin and set off the rest of the weekend’s activities.

The next morning we woke up with just enough time to get dressed, eat and kick off the day party, yes a day party that ran from 12-6pm, at a spot called The Breakfast Club.  The Breakfast Club was dope in the fact that it had a lot of retro items inside and out, from the “pac-man” fonts to video games, album covers, gigantic rubix cubes and a bunch of other cool stuff.  The party quickly filled up and myself, DJ Cuzzin B and Jay Clipp did what we do best.  Running everything from old to new, it was definitely a good time.  9th Wonder and Actual Proof came through to show support and jam with us and the rest of the True School family.  When the day party ended we then had just enough time to run back to the hotel, eat and then head on over to Mez and set-up for the night party.  Let me begin by saying, Mez is absolutely a super plush, super chic club located in the Epicenter, downtown Charlotte.  I also want to shout out DJ Lil Mic, DJ Bee (Skratch Makaniks) and DJ Quicksilva for holding down and from what I heard, smashing the DMV party at Strike City located directly below Mez.  Inside Mez, DJ Jay Clipp took control of the mic along with Kyle Santillian of 102 Jamz Greensboro, NC and DJ Cuzzin B set the party off properly on the tables.  Following that was a heart racing, non-stop hit after hit mix by 9th Wonder and a closing set by yours truly.  It was really an amazing party, there was absolutely no room to move and Mez was effectively shut down! (In a good way!)

Saturday was a day off for the crew except for 9th who was dj-ing another day party.  Let me tell you, day parties were everywhere and it did not stop people from going out at night.  Let’s see if this concept starts to take off in the DMV.  9th did his thing at the party and from there it was dinner and then back to the hotel…I’d like to say the festivities continued for us but after everything that took place from Thursday to Saturday we had nothing left in the tank for Saturday night.  Unfortunately, we could not hang around Sunday night for the Jay-Z BP3 concert after party in Greensboro with Jay, 9th Wonder, Young Guru, Beyonce and Jadakiss but I heard it was bananas, as would be expected.  All in all, it was a really dope weekend for True School, a lot of work, partying and no shortage of laughs, too many comedians in this crew!  Until the next one…




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