New Music: Michael Sterling Eaton feat. Mos Def – “White Drapes”

Considering that I only post music, videos, art, etc… from people I know personally or that I work with, it’s pretty cool to post a photo of Mos Def on our blog.  Our homie from the West Coast, Michael Sterling Eaton who has gained a following due to his photography and video work, much of it with the very popular Creative Control, is releasing an album that features Mos among other including the Cool Kids, Curren$y and more.  And don’t trip.  Michael is not new to the music element.  He’s been busy making tracks for years.

Now many of you have seen the video for “White Drapes” already, which Michael shot of course.  But you can’t get the song just anywhere.  So we got direct from our homie and we’re posting.  But please be sure to visit his new portal for all of his work, including this amazing single. From photography to video to music and more; it’s all available at his new website.  Just click here to visit! Enjoy.


~E Major


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