New Music: Face aka Sean Armstrong “Listen To The Message”

DJ Face aka Sean Armstrong. Photo by Aaron Keeny

Today we received the first leak from Sean Armstrong‘s upcoming mixtape, Truth Be Told.  If you follow Under Sound you probably know Sean as Face or DJ Face.  He produced “The Next Episode” off of my Majority Rules album and has rapped on a number of tracks with me including two from Majority Rules and “You Send Me” off of the new Major Major Mixtape.  I know a lot of people really responded to Face’s work on my albums and I’m sure you’ll all be happy to hear that he’s releasing not one but TWO projects this year.

The first is Truth Be Told, which this song is from.  Sean’s calling it a mixtape but in actuality every song is original and the whole project is produced by the very prolific Disco.

“Listen To The Message” has a great beat with a soulful, introspective vocal sample for the hook.  Sean comes in and rips it apart with brags and boasts over the verses boom bap drums that contrast the more mellow hook.  I’ll be playing this one at the computer while I work and in the car until he sends me some more music.

Listen and download below.



  1. LOL! Word up, thanks man! just trying to make some good music…appreciate the listen.

  2. Glad you like it Letta. I know Sean is really excited to let everyone finally hear some of the music he’s been working on. Everything I’ve heard has been BANANAS.

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