DJ Face Mixes “The Major Major Mixtape”


As promised this week we’re leaking a either a song or artwork or some information about the mixtape every day.  Last night I got together with my good friend DJ Face (follow him: @djfacemusic) who many of you know as part of 9th Wonder‘s True School DJ crew.  He’s been gracious enough to lend his talents to assembling The Major Major Mixtape which we’re dropping on Monday.  Since the name of the mixtape is based on a character from the book/film Catch 22, I decided to pepper the tape with some clips from the movie.  I don’t think we over did it but it’s just enough to give it a little extra something.  So far it’s sounding really great and Face is finishing up the mix today.

I always find that finishing projects is always the hardest part.  The inspiration and excitement gets you rolling but when you get close to the finish line, there’s always that feeling where you want just be done with it and let people hear/see it.  But that’s the real test of an artist if you ask me.  You have to take a breath, slow down a bit, and finish what you started properly.  You never want to do that work a disservice by rushing to the finish.

So here we are MONTHS after the planned release date of this project.  Since I’ve started it I’ve done a ton of features on other peoples projects as well as a lot of freelance graphic design work to pay the bills.  I’ve been to and from Montreal, New York and India.  We’ve had the holidays, some birthdays and a new year.  Time was slipping away and I didn’t want the music I made to get forgotten and I didn’t want to miss that window of opportunity where the people were interested enough to check for the work (i.e. Detox YIKES!).  So I can see the finish line and I’m ready for it.  We have the mix almost done.  The album art just needs some tweaking and that’s pretty much it.  We’re ready to rock and roll.  So make sure to check back tomorrow for some more info (or maybe a song) and DEFINITELY check back Monday to download the ENTIRE mixtape.

Last but FAR from least, below is the flier for the release party on Tuesday.  We’re got Eddie and Jasmine Solano coming down from NYC to party with us, as well as Jahpan flying in from Los Angeles.  You KNOW we have to do it big if we’re going to do it.  So please come through and celebrate this mixtape with us.  It’s more then just a promo mixtape to me.  There are a LOT of songs on there that I’m really proud of.

Thanks for everyone’s continued interest and support.  And thanks to the artists and producers that made the mixtape happen.


~E Major


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