New Music – Wordsmith – “OVERDUE & UNDERRATED MIXTAPE”


From Wordsmith:

“The Overdue & Underrated mixtape¬†is Wordsmith’s statement to fans, artists, DJ’s, Label, etc. to stop sleeping on the quality music he is putting out. The mixtape hosts a huge feature list including Chubb Rock, Jakk Frost, Philly Swain, Soulstice, Fred Knuxx, Ruste Juxx,V-Stylez, Junclassic,¬†Kontact & Black Knight, RAtheMC, Laelo Hood, LX, Siyam, RhymeZwell, Greenspan, E-Major, Sean Toure, Gripz, Cherri, Sonix, and more. Along with production from the likes of Strada, Judah, DJ King Assassin, Capish, Professa, Street Level, Rafpak and many more”



1-DJ Ykcor Overdue & Underrated Intro
2-Wordsmith-Twilight of My Arrival (Produced by Street Level)
3-Wordsmith-The Great (Produced by Street Level)
4-Wordsmith-Season of tha MC (Produced by Street Level)
5-Wordsmith-Half Bar Half Amazing (Produced by Strada)
6-Wordsmith Feat. Kontact & Black Knight, Gripz, Greenspan, E-Major & Sean Toure-Baltimore Nights (Produced by Tone Beatz)
7-Wordsmith-Feat. Kontact & Black Knight, Junclassic, Rathemc & Soulstice-Ladder of Success (Produced by Decadez)
8-Wordsmith-Braggin Rights (Produced by Rafpak)
9-Wordsmith-Block Banger (Produced by Capish)
10-Wordsmith Feat. Kontact & Black Knight, Ruste Juxx & V-Stylez-Beast in the Trunk (Produced by Judah)
11-Wordsmith Feat Kontact & Black Knight, Lef, Siyam, Laelo Hood, LX RhymeZwell, Whitefolkz, Reub, Fred Knuxx, Philly Swain, & Jakk Frost-You Never Know (Produced by Dirtwork)
12-Wordsmith Feat Kontact & Black Knight-Standing Ovation (Produced by Professa)
13-Wordsmith Feat. Sonix-Race Against Time (Produced by Howard Who)
14-Wordsmith Feat. Cherri-Icy Hot (Produced by Rafpak)
15-Wordsmith-The Vintage Spot (Produced by Strada)
16-Wordsmith-After Hours Rendezvous (Produced by Strada)
17-Wordsmith-Shades of Seduction-Music for the Mood (Produced by Professa)

Bonus-Chubb Rock & Wordsmith-Old 2 The New Remix (Produced by Capish)

Bonus-DJ King Assassin Feat.Wordsmith-How Ya Like Me Now (Produced by Chuck Classik)

Bonus-Wordsmith-The Rave (Produced by Professa)


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