Eddie aka Wells Goodington in NYC

photo 5


Eddie (who’s now taken on the name Wells Goodington) is up in NYC right now taking in CMJ’s.  He’s definitely on his grind, meeting artists, passing out beat CDs, networking etc…  And while he’s up there he decided to link with the beautiful young songstress Nirvana Savory to lay down some music.  She’s working on her own project and will also feature on Wells’ new project that is in the works.  He sent over some photos so share with you all.  Check ’em out below.

Also make sure you tune into PNC Radio tonight during the 8 o’clock hour.  Our own Young Zen will be on promoting the label and playing some of our music.  I’m heading up to NYC tomorrow to link up with everyone so check back with us here for more fun and updates.



photo 4


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