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Don’t ask me about the photo. LOL! I don’t like posting blogs without an image so I had to put something up with this post.

So anyway, I was tapped by GKV to do a song for a marketing campaign called “Healthy Grooves.”  I’ll give some more info on it as the campaign unfolds but for now I just wanted to share a little of what I’ve been doing.   They wanted something “urban” and indicitive of Maryland for the campaign and my cousin, who works at GKV knew that I was the man for the job.  (Thanks cuz!)

So I came in and talked to some of the people in the marketing department.  Since Bmore Club is OUR music, we agreed that it was the prefered genre for the campaign.  It was cool working with them because they were very open to letting me do what I want.  They knew that if we went all out and did a really straight forward song about health and wellness it would come off corny.  So they said it could be pretty abstract.  They even said it could be an instrumental.  I was definitely up for the challenge.

So I went home and spent some time hashing it out.  I have some video of my in the studio that I think I’ll put up soon.  They wanted some video blogging so I abliged.  I wanted it to sound like club music but I couldn’t go all out and use samples since there are clearance issues.  I talked to a gentleman named Mike Hoff who is a drummer and has experience teaching marching band drums.  I subcontracted him to give me some marching band snares and they sounded really cool.  So I built around that.  I used some 808 sounds and some dirty drums to get an official Club music sound but I also did some clean synth sounds and played some bass parts to add to it that aren’t exactly atypical Club music elements.  But really Club is morphing and changing so much, anything is game.

Lastly I put some vocals on it and went all out with the autotune.  Sorry Jay!  I wanted to have a sound that will really attract people when they hear it.

So I’ll have more on this project as it unfirls and hopefully I’ll be able to share the song with you soon.  But definitely keep and ear out for the instrumental version to be in some radio ads soon for “Healthy Groove.”

Do you hear that?




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