DMV Videos!

We don’t post a lot about artists outside of the Under Sound camp and our extended fam but these videos and songs are very important to the whole Hip Hop movement in Maryland. So anyway, here are a couple of videos from artists from D.C. and Bmore respectively.

The first is “Chillin'” by Wale featuring Lady Ga Ga.  There isn’t much by way of concept but I really like it.  The colors and the vibe matches what I think Wale is going for with his image.  Hip and stylish look.

The second is from Get ‘Em Mamis and it’s called “Work.”  This is one of my favorite songs that these ladies have done.  It’s a fun tune and a fun/party type video.  G.E.M. have been getting a lot of shine especially from Fader magazine and it’s a good look for all of Bmore.


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