Impulse At The Stussy x Stones Throw Party (Video)

So Impulse was out there doing his thing as usual and he went by to visit his peoples at the Stussy store when Stones Throw stopped through.  They were nice enough to let him get a little set in too.  Do not sleep on the Stussy x Stones Throw T shirt.  Shit is hella dope.

As a sidebar, Stussy has quickly become my favorite streetwear brand right now.  For the past year actually.  They’ve just been SO consistant and have really revived the brand.  It’s been great to see such an iconic brand come back so strong.  And as far as streetwear goes, their price points are always very reasonable.

So anyway, here’s the video that Impulse put together from the party.  You’ll see the Stones Throw dudes and some of our D.C. fam in it.  Impulse is getting quite good with editing these videos.

Stussy x Stones Throw Tour Party, Washington DC from Dj Impulse on Vimeo.


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