E Major Opening for Camp Lo



The show on Friday at Sonar was a LOT of fun.  We had a great crowd that screamed, shouted and sung a long with the chorus’ to the songs with us.  With Impulse out in LA, our boy DJ Harvey Dent held myself and zu_keeny down on the ones and twos.  We rocked some songs from “Majority Rules” as well as “One Man Band” from Eddie’s upcoming Sound Wandering and the original “Paper Runnin’.”  The new stuff got a really great response and I want to thank everyone for rocking with us and showing us what we already know.  That Baltimore knows how to party.

And speaking of hometown love, the “Paper Runnin’ BOOMAN REMIX” has made it’s way to mainstream radio on Friday when KW Griff played it during his mix on 92Q!  This is really exciting because though we’ve gotten a LOT of love from college radio, which of course we appreciate to the utmost, this is the first mainstream radio play that Under Sound Music has gotten.  We’re hoping that the song continues to grow leg.  We want to thank everyone that has supported this record up until now (especially the blog community!) and all the DJ’s that have started playing it!

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~E Major


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