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Oddly, this is the only slightly decent picture I took at last night’s rehearsal.  Eddie <3’s Music.

So wanted to drop a couple quick updates on you.  First and foremost we have started a Twitter account for the label.  Follow us! We’ll be dropping Twitter only exclusives and getting involved in the conversation so you can help us make Under Sound better.  And who doesn’t want to get better?

Secondly we had a rehearsal last night for one of this weekend’s shows.  For a first rehearsal it was ok but we definitely have some things to iron out before we get it poppin’ on Saturday.  Fingers crossed on this one.

As for show information.  Saturday I’ll be at NY’s Finest and Freshest Grinds at Mountain Creek ski resort.  Should be a good time for sure.  That show will feature the band that rehearsed last night.  Anyone in the area hit us up or holler at Timmy Grins for more information.

Then on Sunday we go to NYC to be part of the End of the Weak series which has been running strong for 8 years.  It’s at The Pyramid in the Lower East Side.  We’re keeping it SUPER Hip Hop with this one so if you’re in NYC come check us out.  It’ll me and keeny rocking with DJ Impulse.  Come out and lets get gully son!

That’s it for now.  Don’t forget to add me on Twitter as well and lets talk!

~E Major


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