Photo’s From The Dilla Tribute

I wanted to post these photo’s yesterday but as always, things just got a little busier then expected.  For those that haven’t been to Club Reality (which is run by the same folks who used to head the Turntable Club), it’s a really great place.  It has kind of a sports bar atmosphere but there is a great little stage and there are flat screens everywhere.  It’s very cool, and of course the staff is amazing.

The crowd that came out for the J Dilla Tribute, which we called Jay Dee Forever Shinin’ was great.  A nice sized crowd and very enthusiastic.  As I said that night, I have been lucky to be part of Dilla tributes in both DC and Bmore since he passed and they are always a pleasure.  Dilla was easily my number one inspiration as an artist and to see everyone celebrating his life and work was very uplifting.  Check some photos below and for the rest check out my Myspace page.


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