In The Studio and Other News

Face Laying Down a Verse

True School DJ, super talented M.C. and all around good dude, Face stopped by the studio today to record a verse for the project I’m working on with Heroes 4 Hire.  It might be some time before the album gets heard cause we’re going to try to get it out through some other labels and whatnot, but it’s a really solid project and Face definitely spit a hot 16 for me.

Speaking of things related to Faces, any of you Facebook people that are into DMV hip hop should definitely check out this group dedicated to hip hop from our area.  Hopefully it takes off as more artists from the DMV get some shine. Come CHECK IT OUT.  While you’re logged on, ALSO join the Under Sound Music Group.

There’s so much going on it’s hard to keep up with.  Make sure to check me on Myspace for show dates cause there are a few coming up.  Also, be aware that The Major Major Mixtape is coming soon (I’d say like a month from now).  Needless to say that joint is gonna be major!  Lets go!

~E Major

P.S. Make sure to check with the Heroes 4 Hire on their BLOG too.


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