The Demonstrators’ “Paper Runnin'” Gaining Steam Online

The Demonstrators infectious anthem to getting what you work for is continuing to infect.  The internet has really taken to the song (don’t believe us?  Google “The Demonstrators” “Paper Runnin”) in it’s original format as well as the Excel@r@tor REMIX.

The wonderfully supportive NoTrivia Blog featured it today saying “”Paper Runnin” is especially vital because it’s two people from the wonderfully incestuous Baltimore hip-hop, dance, and club scenes dropping a hard-to-categorize joint like this at a time when “Bmore club” has become a formula for don’t-even-know-they’re-cynical-about-it, out-of-town artists and DJs.”  “VITAL”!  You gotta love it.

Oh, you didn’t get to download it?  Get it HERE!


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