WOW! One of the BEST in the City!

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I didn’t even know about this until tonight when I got a text message from my brother congratulating me.  I was like “what?”  Well Under Sound Music has done it again.  More accolades for our little label/production company.  My album “Majority Rules” was named in the top three best albums of 2008.  That’s ALL genre’s ya’ll.  Thanks to the editors who gave the nod, much appreciated.  But definitely a big up to the talented people that put there stamp on “Majority Rules.”  I mean, I know I can rap but the album wouldn’t have been great without help.  The singers, producers and guest MC’s that helped me make it a great album.  I gotta list them!  This is like my acceptance speech! LOL!

Cuts by DJ Impulse and DJ Excel

Native Son (poet)

Vocals – Cynthia Hawkes (a BIG player in the sound of the album), Tia Harris, J Soul!

MC’s – Face and We-n-Us, Ab Rock, Yah El, Hezekiah (he got the video seen in a lot of places)

And of course the PRODUCERS who made “Majority Rules” a soulful beautiful mix.

Wendal Patrick

DJ Face

Dre Belovid

Reggie Ruckus

Heroes 4 Hire


Ms Tris Beats

DJ Excel

and Sean Tour


~E Major


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