Pancake Gallery Wrap Up!

-By DJ Face

This past Saturday, December 6th, Pancake Gallery hit DC.  If you are not familiar with the Pancake Gallery Lounge here’s your chance to Clinton Sparks it, or, get familiar!  Why the name Pancake Gallery?  Well, The Netherlands is the home of the Dutch Pancake, Pancake Gallery Lounge seemed only fitting, especially with the slogan “We Flip It!”.

So, a quick wrap up, it started in Amsterdam with my girls Ira and Ayra, twins, who wanted to do something special in their hometown of Amsterdam, (although Ira currently lives in NY and Ayra in London). So what happened you ask?  They brought myself (DJ Face), DJ Motet (London/Uprock), DJ Switch (Amsterdam) and Grammy award winning producer 9th Wonder and his man J Clipp, (TrueSchool DJ’s), to Amsterdam to smash the club…Oh, and I can’t forget the host, Danny Castro of Lyricist Lounge.  The party was that much fun that we ALL decided right then and there that we would take this show on the road.  Back to the states it was.

Thursday the 4th, Pancake Gallery hit New York with a slightly different line-up of DJ’s but still the same concept.  Saturday, it was on in DC with the original line-up minus my man J Clipp who was booked in Dallas and could not make it.  9th Wonder stopped by Black Cat in DC earlier in the night to catch a dope performance by Jean Grae while myself and Motet got the crowd warm…The snow affected the attendance slightly but still there was a decent crowd.  9th arrived at 1am to close the party out from about 1:45- 3am.  When he got on, some of my friends, eh hem(cough), started complaining about being tired and wanting to go but something about 9th’s music selection made these lame one’s suddenly become the life of the party!  It was definitely a reduced crowd at this point but the vibe was good!  Last song of the night, Candy Girl by New Edition.  That should let you know what it is!  Anyway, as stated before, this is not the last of the Pancake Gallery events or 9th Wonder DJ-ing in DC.  So if you missed this one for some crazy reason, I will definitely keep you posted so that you do not miss the next one.  Pssst, you may not have to wait too long….

I’m out!


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