City Paper Showing Love

The Baltimore City Paper showed some love with the following mention online and in their paper.

I just wanted to sort out some confusion that’s starting already.  There are TWO DJ Excels.  Crazy right?  It’s easy to confuse too because there’s the Excel from Philly who is part of Skratch Makaniks which Impulse is also part of, and then there’s Bmore Original’s DJ Excel, who the City Paper obviously confused this Philly Excel with, and with whom I’ve been a long time colaborator.  It might be confusing but at one time there were two Dr. Dre’s so what the heck.

DJ Excel and DJ Impulse

Friday, December 12

DJ Excel

Critic’s Pick

Well, this should be an interesting deviation from Red Square’s prescribed Russian-disco vibe, at the very least. DJ Excel (pictured) is an old hand around these parts, part of Baltimore club’s first wave of producers–circa the early ’90s–and now helming the omnibus clothing/music/stuff outlet Bmore Originals Records. Seems like Excel spends a lot more time on hip-hop now, but he’s also responsible for one of the more awesome and generally over-the-top club tracks of the year, the Rev. Wright-sampling “That’s What a Pimp Does.” DJ Impulse is a fellow hip-hop/club master turntablist that often pairs with the wickedly impressive rhyming talent known as E Major. Dig ’em both with a glass of pickle vodka–for serious–on the side.(Michael Byrne)

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