Rock the Bells, Merriweather

Ok, so I blew it in a BIG way, because I assumed by boy Mike Kno that went to Rock the Bells with me would have a camera with him.  I have a crap camera so I usually rely on others to take pics and send them.  I need to get a new camera for real!  Anyway, my girl Leigha will be sending me some pics soon, so I’ll try to put them up tonight or tomorrow.

Rock the Bells was something else.  I could not believe how many people were at this event.  It was a total surprise.  I’ve personally never attended a hip hop event with that many people.  It was crazy because I was seeing tons of people from B’more down there.  I saw Black Classic, Face and their crew, Days Dirges, Ab Rock, ~C from Turntable Club, Steez from Steezpromo, and a gang of other folks.  Zen was also in attendance with some of her friends. It’s a totally different discussion but I have to say that there is something wrong with the radio and the music industry when you look at the interest in groups like Tribe, Mos, Nas and De La and they’re not getting the push for their albums that half ass, no talent teen aged rappers are getting.  Some can’t even release their shit on major labels any more.  It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, the performances were all great.  We mostly stayed at the large stage.  The smaller stage I dubbed the hipster stage, had Tyga, Cool Kids, Kidz in the Hall, Spank Rock and so on.  I can’t front, I fuck with some of that shit.  My guilty pleasure is that “Lime in the Coconut” shit and I did happen to pass by the stage when Tyga was doing that shit and I got my two step on real quick.

Overall, my personal favorite of the day/night was De La.  These dudes just seem fresh and into whenever you see them.  Their presence is amazing and they just seem to be having so much fun.  The crowd, including myself, really got sucked in and was just going crazy for every one of the songs they played from their 20 year catalog, from “3 Feet High…” to “Grind Date” they just killed it.

I was also really impressed by Nas who I’d never seen before.  I really liked his presence, his stage craft and his song choices.  He pumped his new album but hit us with classics and it was just a total party the whole time.

I guess it goes without saying but Tribe was bananas.  I mean every song was perfectly chosen, order and all that.  I think you forget just how many hits they have.  Really something to see.

My final stand out was Mos but I am totally biased.  Something about the way he is on stage has always amazed me.  It has to be his acting background; he just commands attention.  I overheard a guy saying to someone, “You know Mos is just such a great performer that he could come out, take a dump on stage and leave and I’d probably say that it was a great show.”  I might not go THAT far but the dude has a point.  Some folks are just that captivating.

Anyway, I am recuperating today.  Check back tomorrow for a few photos.

~E Major