Blu Show Wrap Up; Bmore Original Radio in The City Paper

E Major and zu_keeny on stage

E Major and zu_keeny on stage opening for Blu and Exile.

Ok, we’re a bit late but what the heck, I don’t have time to write these things every day unfortunately. I am always juggling my accounts and Under Sound’s accounts from social networks to blogs, etc…

So anyway, last weeks show opening for Blu and Exile went really well. When I open up for an artist, especially one that I have respect for like Blu, I make it my job to really warm the crowd up. I mean, IMO that’s what an opening act is for. If you got a bunch of acts that no one cares to see and bore the crowd to death then that really sucks for main act because they have to work so hard to get the crowd up to the right “amped-ness” (I made that word up).

So anyway, we went on and it was the first time that I had Keeny with me in a minute and we really got the joint live. It was a good size crowd for the club space in Sonar and I don’t think they could have gotten any louder. As an artist I really feed off of that and I think that helped me keep the intensity through the whole set. I do need to get my cardio on though cause I was a bit winded by the end.

Action Figures was up after us and put on a super energetic set. I wish I had the lung capacity that those guys have. Definitely check for them to be doing some really good things soon. I’m not sure when the album is supposed to come out but I know it’s gonna be a banger.

The Merch.

TJ, zu_keeny and E Major.

Thanks to those who copped CD’s. We still have shirts and CD’s over the store, so get them while you can. Right now we’re working on some shows and whatnot so keep and eye out for some Under Sound shows and/or parties soon.

DJ Excel Reppin’ Bmore Original Radio. Photo by: Sam Holden.

So some BIG things for our dude DJ Excel from Bmore Original. Excel does things big. Excel = XL, doing BIG things in the BIG Music Issue of Baltimore’s City Paper. It all makes sense. This is a WIDELY read issue of an already widely read publication. The article written by Al Shipley really showcases how local artists are using internet radio to reach a wider audience. Those that know Baltimore Hip Hop already know DJ Excel and you probably already know about Bmore Original Radio but for those that don’t, check out the article on City Paper’s website and pick up your issue of the paper today.

Thanks for tuning in once again and I’ll try to be more on top of things as fun stuff continues to crop up.


~E Major