A Tale of Two Weekends

***All car show photos courtesy of DJ Impulse and Le Fish.

E Major at the Funk Master Flex Car Show

E Major at the Kicker Booth at the Funk Flex Car Show.

Let me start by taking you back in time.  To LAST weekend and give you all a recap of what popped off at the Funk Master Flex Car Show where DJ Impulse was DJ’ing.  I didn’t have any definite plans that weekend so I decided “What the hell, might as well head up to New Jeruse and let Kicker pay for some meals and shit.”  So I rolled along with Impy and Meg to do just that.

As a dude that isn’t really a car buff, car shows are interesting events.  You wanna talk about using up some natural resources?  Half of these guys don’t actually drive these cars so there isn’t a lot of gas burnt… well I guess there is cause you gotta load it onto a truck to get it there.  But while they’re at the show the cars are on, flashing their lights and blaring their radios for a full TEN hours.  When we first got there it took my brain about an half an hour to adjust to the sensory overload.  There was colorful shit EVERYWHERE, lights flashing, horns and alarms going off, stereo systems at full blast and half naked chicks all over.

Let me address the women at these events.  It’s a REALLY curious phenomenon.  I didn’t at first understand why a girl (most of which were H.G.M.’s or Hot Ghetto Messes) would come to the car show, change in the bathroom into the most revealing and tacky thing they could get their hands on, then parade around the show for guys to gawk at.  Some, where there for the bikini contest (wow!  :-/), but many, as I quickly learned, where there to have their pictures taken in front of the cars.  All day long guys would ask girls to pose with them in front of cars.  This is the weirdest (which is a word) thing in the world to me.  You got guys that want to pose in front of cars that are not theirs with girls that they will not see again beyond taking that picture with them.  It’s still bizarre to me.

The Retro Kids.

The reason that I was really into going was that there was a sneaker “battle.”  I thought this meant that kids where going to be smashing each other in the grill with sneakers but it was just dudes displaying their shoe collection.  This was pretty cool to me though Impulse, who is a true coneseur spotted a number of fakes.  The coolest thing that I saw was a poster of Jordan that I actually had on my wall as a youngster.  If I kept all the early 90’s basketball shit that I had back then, I would have been able to compete, I’m tellin’ you.  The Retro Kids where there too.  Our homie Jose Mertz aka Leemer, knows these dudes from his time in NYC but I didn’t realize that they’re a rap group.  I didn’t see them perform though so I can’t comment on that.

Le kicks.

In the end, I have to say I had a good time, if not for any reason then to observe and  make fun, as I always do.  There were a number of famous folks there supporting Flex.  Juelz, Jimmy, Cam, Busta, LL, Pete Rock, and Fabo just to name a few.  I read on another blog that Just Blaze was there but I didn’t see him which was a disappointment cause I wanna rap with dude.  After the event, we all went out to eat.  I was really pushin’ for Mexican cause being vegetarian, I know worst comes to worse you can’t fuck up beans and rice. (Unless of course you’re Chico and Chang’s *see here for explaination*).  HOWEVER, we ended up at fuckin’ Outback Steakhouse.  A vegetarian eating at outback is like a priest coming to pray at a Satanic cult.  BUT, I did fuck up a blooming onion and a baked potato.  All to the good.

At about 30,000 feet. The kid is fly.

So this past weekend I visited the woman in Boston.  Had a great time there.  I dragged her to every sneaker spot in Boston.  Newbury Street is my shit.  I love Bodega by the way as well as Karmaloop but I spent my dough at a spot called Technical and a place in Hahvahd (Harvard) called Concepts.  Sneaker heads know the deal.  I got a nice little hookup for Thursdays show.  Fresh.

The rockets green glare.

We also watched the fireworks from atop a rooftop deck of a friend in Beacon Hill.  Baller to say the least.  They set the fireworks off in the Charles River which divides the cities of Boston and Cambridge.  We got in some good food and enjoyed the night air.  They had the Boston Pops accompanying the display and we could hear it on the tv just inside dudes house.  Good times all around.

Until Next time (check back Friday for the Blu show recap) …


~E Major