spec in se duc?

So I’m going to have one of my songs, “Give it to Ya’ll” produced by Wendel Patrick, on a mixtape called Digital Underground Vol. 2 in Germany. I love to spread the Under Sound name throughout the world so this is really cool to me. There will be more info to come on that but for now here is the official track list.

***Also peep my peoples, Sean Toure and Wade Waters on the joint!***

1. Intro
2. Erik L- Clappintheyhands
3. The Tones- The MoveMeant
4. Doc Vaporz- Imagine
5. The Bench Mob- The World Is Yours '08
6. Melodiq- Show And Prove
7. Wanja's Interlude # 1 ($port- Next Scene)
8. Soul P. feat. Lisa Kimmey- Goodness
9. Awon- Late Night Flights
10. Leaf Erikson- Work
11. Royce Birth- When The Music Stops
12. T.W.I.C.E- The season
13. Wanja's Interlude # 2- (Ambishuz- Track 10)
14. DN3 feat. Random- The Won Too
15. The Smile Rays- Chicken
16. Dominique Lareu- I'm Fresh
17. Sean Toure & Wade Waters- Right Back (Remix)
18. Cutta- Get To N.O Me
19. Wanja's Interlude # 3- (G.E- Go!)
20. Pete Sayke- Follow The Leader
21. Ohene- Destory This Temple
22. Blacstan- Life Of A Tape
23. E Major- Give It to Ya'll
24. LST feat. Docent & DJ Tomahawk- Richtung Sonne
25. 8thw1- Could It Be
26. Stormshadow & Crew 54- The Journey
27. Randow- Art Of War (Small Professor Remix)
28. Wanja's Outro- (Sense 5- Smile)
28.Obey- Can't You See