Majority Rules NEW Review; Ringtones Available

What’s up everyone.  This are a steady moving along.  We’ve been sending out text messages, emails, Myspace and Facebook, etc. to promote our latest fun “Majority Rules” related thang-a-majig, RING TONES!  Right now you can get “Nuthin’ Nice” featuring Hezekiah for your phone by texting EMAJOR1 to 69937.  It’s that simple.  You’ll be charged $1.99 to your phone bill though.  Thanks for supporting good music ya’ll.

In other news “Majority Rules” received a glowing review in Baltimore’s City Paper this week.  The review was written by Brandon Soderburg of the blog No Trivia, where he also posted the review.  It’s also on the City Paper’s website.  So far the critics have really taken a liking to the album and I couldn’t be more pleased with the response.  Reading Brandon’s review I feel like he really got the album and as an artist that’s a really cool thing.

This weekend I’ll be performing for some young souls at Park Heights Community Center along with Sean Toure as a part of a Hip Hop seminar that he does for the kiddies.

For those itching for their fix of real deal, straight no chaser Hip Hop, the above flier is for a show I’m a part of next month with LA’s Blu and Exile as the headliners and myself, E.T. and Action Figures opening up.  It’s all brought to you by P Funk and Solsource and promises to be a great night of Hip Hop.

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we get busier and busier.  And please stop over to the store and pick something up to support your favorite independent rap label.


~E Major