Blu Tickets On Sale and Weekend Update

E Major and Young Zen at the Laced Party, Washington, DC.

This past weekend was VERY productive for your boy. On Thursday, Ab Rock, Zen and myself made our way down to the Laced Party put on by our peoples Solsource, who are also helping to promote the Blu and Exile show at Sonar on July 10th.

Speaking of the Blu show, we have tickers on sale HERE for the show. You have to cop ASAP because we’re only going to have them up on the site until July 3rd to ensure that we get the tickets sent out in time. It really should be an amazing show so please get your tickets now.

Over the weekend I got to perform along with Ab Rock, Tislam the Great, Slick Vick and a few poets as well as my mans Big Aaron and Sean Toure, who set up the event, for a group of kids at the Park Heights Community Center. It was a really good time and we got a great dialogue going with the attendants of which not all were kids; some of their parents came too. It’s weird but also really cool that there there are parents with damn near grown kids now, that were RAISED on Hip Hop. It’s a really interesting phenomenon to me.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was dedicated to recording and I had Ab Rock, Cynthia Hawke and Verbatim come through and lay some thangs down for various projects that we’re working on. I can’t get into what those projects are as of yet but EVERYTHING that we laid down this weekend was on some next level dopeness for REAL.

That’s the update for today. Make sure you visit the store and get your tickets for the Blu show and while you’re there get your “Nuthin’ Nice” ring tone and maybe even some merch.

Thanks ya’ll and peace,

~E Major