Our boy TJ, E Major and zu_keeny at the Pedestrian party.

The above picture is from when we went to a party put on by our friends at Pedestrian or as it’s affectionately referred to Pedx.  Pedestrian is a lifestyle/streetwear boutique in Fells Point.  They got some really nice clothes and hats so if you’re on your style game then stop through and pick up some gear for the weekend.

I really am posting though because I HAD to comment on all of the traffic the sites been getting.  I’m not sure if what exactly sparked it.  It could be the Okayplayer review, the Kev Brown post on his blog, some of our friends over seas posting on their blogs, our peoples at Bmore Original helping us out with the email blasts or I don’t know what else.  But the site has really been getting a LOT of hits recently and a lot of folks are downloading the album.  I really want to thank you all for your interest.  Please feel free to get at us on Myspace (the link is just there on the side) and let us know what you think of the album.  We’re also working on getting the store together here on our site so please check back if you want a physical copy of the disc or if you want a limited edition t shirt.   This is how you can support us and help us to keep doing what we do.  We’re still a fledgling label but we’re looking to do big things and it’s gonna take help from people who believe in good music.

Anyway, before I start a sermon, I just want to say thanks for stopping by and we hope to hear from you again.


~E Major