Lets GO!

What up world, this is E Major once again. The above picture is from when Zen went to London and France and was posting up Under Sound heavy. I just wanted to give you all a little update on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

First and foremost you might notice down on the right that we have links to our Facebook and Myspace pages. Please link up with us so we can be all friendly and whatnot. That’s where a lot of people have found out about us so the social networking scene has definitely been good to us.

Also, just yesterday our boy Kev Brown (sidenote: pick up the joint he has with LMNO) wrote about Majority Rules in his blog. We really appreciate that because we know the respect that a cat like Kev gets and we know that a cosign from him can definitely bring some attention our way. (Thanks Kev!)

There are some other things on the horizon but I don’t want to speak on anything that isn’t concrete. Just make sure you download the album (the physical CD’s are here for those that want them and we’ll have the store operational soon so you can get them as well as your Maj Rules T shirts) and make sure you get on the mailing list and be our friends on Myspace and Facebook. The video for the second single “Make It” shouldn’t be TOO far off from getting done and we’re going to do a special viewing party here in B’more for those that are on the mailing list and press and whatnot. Make sure you check back for that in the coming weeks.

As always, thank you all for the inspiration to keep on with this music stuff. Feel free to pass the album around. We are not gonna send the Federales after you.


~E Major